We are part of an international youth movement, that provides young people the opportunity to develop independence, personality and responsibility. We are working towards an independent life and an environment, where all humans can live peacefully and tolerant together.

We live a life free from alcohol and drugs and offer like-minded youths a platform to live free and independent themselves.
With international camps and seminars you have the possibility to get to know new people from all over Europe.

This is all done by ourselves, without help from adults - because children and youths know best what they want. This is the reason, why all of our camps are completely self-organised, meaning, everything is done by youth for youth - completely voluntarily :)


What we do

As part of an international youth movement, we organize camps, leisure activities, seminars and workshops. All our events are organised by ourselves, meaning, we get what we want.
If we'd be asked to describe ourselves, we wouldn't be missing the words "wild", "going bananas", "adventurous" and "lovable".
With us you can find like-minded people from all over Europe. You have the opportunity to unfold yourself and your skills freely, to work for others and to take responsibility in your actions. We are working towards an environment where all humans can live and interact peacefully and tolerant with each other - and all that with their minds open.

If you are interested to go canoeing in the Swedish Nordmark, to relax at the Mediterranean Sea, to go skiing in the Alps, to go on sightseeing tours in European cities and to get to know lots of awesome people, then check out our events now!

We are looking forward to meeting you :)



Is it necessary to be a member to participate in events?
No, a membership is not required. We are happy for everyone who joins us!

Why should I become a member?
Members have to pay less for the camps, additionally they sometimes get travel costs reimbursed.
As a member you get access to the member area of this website and your very own juvente.de email address. The member area allows you to arrange events, organize group traveling, bring in own ideas, contact other members and many more.
Juvente is an internationally working organisation. As member you can be politically active and help reach our goals. We send members to political and social gatherings, where they participate as speakers or representatives of Juvente. Members also have the right to become delegates for the Active congress and for the European Youth Forum. Members can elect and be elected for board membership and official positions in Germany and Europe. All of that is voluntarily of course :)

What are the duties and obligations when I am member?
You have to be between 12 and 27 years old. The first year is free, after that you have to pay 36,00 EUR each year.
Apart from that you actively decide to live a life free from alcohol and drugs and enjoy life to the fullest :)

Hey, I live here out in the sticks, how can I get in contact with you?
First of all, you can use our website to contact us. If you want to meet people in person, there are several possibilities. Our members are spread all over Germany, so there should be someone in your area, too. If you live in another European country, we can provide you with information of our partner organisations in that country - just send us a message!