Dear parents,

we are an organisation that does decent youth work, which includes, that all our camps are drug free! The best: All over Europe.

We are nonconfessional, nonpartisan and igeologically independent and have a history of 150 years!

With us your children will experience what life can offer them. We organise adventure camps, leisure activities and seminars. Seminars always in the sense, that learning is possible without being bored. During all our events your children will be able to get to know a lot of different people and learn from their experiences and the multiplicity.

Some of our events take place in other European countries and are held in English. That might sound difficult at first glance, probably because one thinks they have to know English very well. But you have to consider that the other young participants aren't much better at talking in English - which gives your children the opportunity to learn English in a lax environment. If everything fails, there is always the possibility to communicate using hands and feet :)

We guarantee you, that your children are in good hands with us. We are officially approved as charitable organisation and get money for our events from states, country and even the EU. Our international seminars are certified and will provide your children with additional plus factors for your children's professional CV.

If you have any questions or just want to talk to someone, you have the possibility to contact Susanne Kloke on our contact page. Susi was a member of Juvente herself and is now a mother of two Juvente members.

PS: If you consider our work to be worth supporting, you can become a supporter! Just go to our donation page and fill in the form.

Thank you!